Privacy Policy

Visitor Privacy Assurance for Ape Lanka Classified Ads Platform

At Ape Lanka, safeguarding your browsing experience and personal information is paramount.


Data Gathering


Content uploaded on Ape Lanka is public. Should you provide personal details, you agree to its storage on our servers. We gather and retain the following personal data:

- Email addresses, contact details, and, if applicable, financial data.
- Computer login information, page view statistics, website traffic, and responses to ads.
- Other information, including users' IP addresses and standard web log data.

We use your personal data to:
- Facilitate our services.
- Resolve disputes, manage fees, and troubleshoot issues.
- Promote secure trading and uphold our rules.
- Enhance user experiences, assess service interest.
- Enhance our offerings, update on services and improvements.
- Share marketing deals based on preferences.
- Perform tasks specified during data collection.


Cookie Approach


Understanding Cookies:
Cookies are small information files that websites utilize to enhance browsing, remember preferences, and serve pertinent content.


Cookies and Personal Information:
We employ cookies and similar tools for personalized content, ads, and social media features. Newsletters and marketing material may be sent. Data could be shared with analytics, advertising, and social media associates. Opt-out via unsubscribe links or by reaching out. Clear cached data by clearing your browser's cache. Contact support for Ape Lanka data erasure.


Cookie Varieties:
- Session cookies: Vital for site operation.
- Preference cookies: Recall settings.
- Security cookies: Crucial for safety.


Third-party Services:
We utilize third-party services for site use monitoring. Privacy policy links for each provider are supplied.


Managing Cookies:
Configure browser settings for notifications or rejections. Keep in mind certain services might be affected.


Data Exposure:
We never sell or lease personal data for third-party marketing without explicit consent. Data could be disclosed to adhere to legal obligations, enforce policies, or ensure rights and safety.


Communication and Email:
By default, you may receive marketing communications about third-party goods and services. Adjust preferences or report misuse. Emails are scanned for malicious content. Friends' addresses shared via tools aren't kept for marketing.


Safety Measures:
Various tools ensure personal data remains secure from unauthorized access. Personal electronic data is private unless intentionally shared.


Opting Out

To review or delete data, contact us at Unsubscribe through email links. Display ads rely on Google Analytics and Remarketing. Opt-out via Google's Ads Preferences Manager.